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November 12, 2018
Android 4.0 and up
  • GeneralSync: sync contacts & calendars via W/LAN Screenshot
  • GeneralSync: sync contacts & calendars via W/LAN Screenshot
  • GeneralSync: sync contacts & calendars via W/LAN Screenshot
  • GeneralSync: sync contacts & calendars via W/LAN Screenshot

About Radio FM 90s

Your data is yours alone. Thanks to GeneralSync you can now keep it in sync across your devices automatically, without relying on a central infrastructure or the Internet: any synchronization is performed directly on your local area network (e.g. WLAN), we never get access to your data. A desktop application to sync with Mozilla Thunderbird on your PC / Laptop is available on

We're currently in a public beta, featuring the synchronization of address books and calendars between Android devices and PCs with Mozilla Thunderbird on all major platforms. Support for other applications and content types is in development.

After pairing your devices, GeneralSync will automatically keep your content up-to-date while at least two devices are connected to the same network. As your data never leaves your network, our servers are not involved in the process and cannot access your data at any time. Of course, the transfer is nevertheless encrypted end-to-end, in order to also protect your data against local attacks.

All data is stored on all devices, thus permitting offline use at any time. If a conflict should happen, for example after different changes have been made on multiple devices, you will be notified and can individually select the correct version.

A particularly useful detail is GeneralSync's ability to use multiple networks: by carrying your smartphone or other portable devices with you, you enable full synchronization across networks, without trusting a third party with your data.

Besides regular synchronization, GeneralSync is capable of sharing data read-only. Additional features for easy and secure collaboration are planned. Please note that on Android, some third-party Applications do not properly support read-only address books and display controls to edit their contents, any change you perform on a read-only address book will be reset by GeneralSync and not get synced in any way.

GeneralSync for Android is free for personal, noncommercial use, refer to our default android license agreement ( for details. For commercial use, and GeneralSync applications for other platforms, such as your PC / Laptop with Mozilla Thunderbird, refer to our website. During our public beta, GeneralSync is completely free, grab your complimentary license now!

What's New in this version

Automatically detect common configuration errors

Improved automatic reconnection on recent devices

Improved compatibility with buggy calendar apps